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#2 The 2015 Formula 1 Season

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Before every start of the first GP of the season, I like to analyze at the book-makers betting rates on who will be world-champion this year. Here is the top 5 candidates (Source Bwin):

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes AMG) 1.50 2. Nicor Rosberg (Mercedes AMG) 3.00 3. Sebastian Vettel (Scuderia-Ferrari) 12.00 4. Daniel Riccardo (Red-Bull) 15.00 5. Fernando Alonso (McLaren-Honda) 15.00

From what we have seen during winter testing and the dominance in ‘14, it is no doubt that the world-championship will go to one of the Mercedes AMG driver. Therefore, the betting rates for the first two I completely agree. With my prediction (also Bernie Ecclestone’s) Nico Rosberg winning the driver championship. I will soon write an article on why I strongly believe Nico, will be crowned champion at the end of 2015.

Now where I find it very intriguing is the bet rate for Vettel or Alonso is lower than for a Williams driver (Massa 55.00 & Bottas 50.00). I strongly believe Williams, powered by a Mercedes engine will be the second best team. The Mercedes engine is not only more powerful (in Horsepower) but reliability wise is far superior against all three other engines.

The third best team will be a battle between Ferrari and Red-Bull. Ferrari, although they didn’t much or hardly every Full-Fuel runs during winter testing, I am very optimistic that they have a strong package for this coming season.

Fourth best team will be a battle between Lotus, Force-India, Torro-Rosso, Sauber. With an advantage to Mercedes powered engine teams.

The big question mark concerns Sauber. They have put themselves in a huge mess with the ongoing trial with Giedo Van der Garde. From the instant they announced both Ericsson & Nasr, it became confusing as they had clearly at the end of '14 four drivers under contract, now the situation is even more confusing. As I am writing this article, 2hours before the start of FP1 in Melbourne, we still don’t know who will be the Sauber driver line-up. Eitherway, this will harm their performance.

Best of the rest, at the moment it will be McLaren followed by Manor F1. I just don’t see how these two constructors with limited laps during testing for McLaren and last minute revival for Marussia (now called Manor F1) will be competitive.

No matter the outcome, it is going to be an awesome season for us the fans. We are moments away (2hr until the start of FP1)

I wish you all a good 2015 season.



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