• Matthieu Piekarski

#4 Chinese GP Preview

Here we are in Shanghai for the third Formula 1 Grand Prix of the Season. Last GP for us on European time where we have to wake up early to savour F1, well until Septembre when F1 goes back to Asia. Until then, lets focus on the big question mark whether or not this weekend if Ferrari can confirm their form ?

The key characteristic of this circuit lies in Sector 3 with the 1170 metres long straight where I am convinced this weekend we shall see tons of highspeed (340 km/h hopefully) overtaking. Something that I look very much forward to!

I bet my money on Rosberg this weekend. After two disappointing races and numerous interviews he felt to us viewers and F1 fans as a beaten driver, one that had already given up on winning the driver championship this year. This weekend he has to show us that he wants this championship as badly as he wants to breathe!

Key things to watch out this weekend:

-Renault engine cars (Red Bull & Toro Rosso) will be boosted in power, is that sufficient to catch the rest?

-McLaren, can they close the 4 sec. pace gap (approx. 100 HP) they have with Mercedes AMG (the reference) and finally finish for the first time of the year a GP ?

-Lotus, will they as well finish with at least one driver the Chinese GP?

-If Manor GP qualify outside the 107% again in Qualifying, will they be authorized to race sunday?

-Front Tyre Degradation and how it will affect race strategy

-Expect a closer battle between Mercedes AMG, Ferrari and Williams



(Credit to Formula1.com for the picture)

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