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#11 Monaco GP Review

The 2015 Monaco GP was a reminder to all of us watching, despite all the Survey’s and the discontent of the show, it remains a sport which manages to connect with us emotionally. That is the fundamental success of Formula 1, this must imperatively be preserved for the future of the sport.

On Lap 64, Lewis Hamilton has a 19.3 second gap between himself and Nico, at the same time at Turn 1 Max Verstappen crashes into the back of Romain Grosjean, Virtual Safety Car is first deployed, followed by the Safety Car, Mercedes AMG decide to pit Lewis to put on the Supersoft as a precautionary measure. What follows will most likely join the legendary scenes such as the one of Ayrton Senna in 1988, when he was leading the race and crashed into Portier couple of laps before the chequered flag. The immense deception of a champion, unable to understand why exterior forces at that time were working against him. They may be cruel, but these defining moments are what makes a champion and more importantly a legend.

Whether or not you are a Lewis fan, on Sunday 24th 2015, we all shared his misfortune. At the podium the only name the crowd where shouting was not the one of local childhood resident Nico, but the one of Lewis. At that exact time, we witnessed Lewis Hamilton getting one step closer to sealing his legend within Formula 1.

A legendary champion, has the ability to create an aura around him, a force that invites F1 spectators to gravitate towards such individual. Such ability (probably a natural gift) is what differentiates a champion from the rest. On the short-term Lewis might have lost a victory, but on the long-term he gained even more support and admiration from F1 fans and simple spectators. Yes, his lifestyle is very flamboyant, yes he enjoys all these A-List events, but at the end of the day and also at the end of his career we will retain the story of a small boy growing up in hard neighborhood with a dream, a dream supported by his family and a father working three jobs at a time to fight to make his son dream of becoming a F1 World Champion become true.

Now he is a double world champion, one of the best paid athlete in the world. Whether you are a fan or not, Lewis’s story deserves respect, he is an inspiration that whatever hardship you are facing in life, never give up and have hope. The event of Monaco will only enrich his story, because a true Champion gets hit but always stands up to fight back. Lewis Hamilton will come stronger in Montreal and even more determined to win a third championship.

Nico and Sebastian benefitted the most from Lewis’s misfortune, to a certain extent. Nico, on Monday morning will know that in the back of his head (in addition to his hangover) that Lewis crushed him and Sebsatian all along the weekend. Will Nico, be able to have a third consecutive win in Montreal? Statistically, Nico never won before Monaco two GP’s in a row, so statistically speaking, Montreal shouldn’t be in his favor. Will his luck run out on June 7th?

Before I give my view on the overall Grand Prix, I wanted to end on this reflection concerning Lewis. Since 2008 Lewis hasn’t won in Monaco. Coincidentally next year will be his 8th year in attempting to win a second time. A quote comes to mind that fits exactly this situation “Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight”. Therefore, no need to tell you on who my bet goes for next year in Monaco!

Coming to the race in itself, it was expected that Monaco would be a boring race, except when crashes, strategy going wrong or weather spicing up the show occur. The first three laps, where interesting then nothing until Lap 64 and the crash that sparks all the sporting headlines.

The Monaco miracle didn’t occur a second time unfortunately for Manor Marussia, as the only sign of improvement came from Mehri finally getting the better of Stevens for the first time of the season. Since Bahrain, I was reporting that Mehri wouldn’t be kept for the rest of the season, well that has changed apparently. Shows you how F1 can change their mind rapidly.

Williams‘ entire weekend was a complete disaster, Bottas and Massa finishing both 14th and 15th. I hope this is just a on-off race weekend, because in comparison to 2014, they have been on their back foot since the start of the season.

Lotus, could have scored numeours points if their luck went more their way. Romain was penalized in the Verstappen incident and Pastor continued to contribute to the statistic of not finishing his 5th race in 6 GP in 2015.

Sauber, thanks to Nasr finished in the points, grabbing any possible points to help the team survive.

Just like I predicted McLaren had a good chance for point scoring in Monaco. We were all expecting Alonso to bring home the first points, but in the end Jenson Button had this honor (if you can say it that way). But expect both Sauber and McLaren to suffer heavily in Canada, where the engine power makes all the difference with these long straight lines!

Last but not least, Red Bull got the maximum of points possible for the weekend. But don’t expect them to show the same performance next week, the drivers and the team both said this was a one-off!

To conclude, I will give the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix, a Grade of 7out of 10. Would there not have been the Verstappen incident and Lewis misfortune, then it would have been a 5 out of 10.

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Thank you for the reading and for the support, I shall see you all in 9 days’ time for the Canadian GP!

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