• Matthieu Piekarski

#3 The 2015 Season has started

Wow, I must admit I felt nostalgic last GP when the German national anthem followed by the Italian blasted through the speakers in Malaysia. Seeing Seb on the top of the podium made me and probably a few of you rekindle the time of Michael. I strongly believe that Germans will now embrace more Vettel as one of their own, a worthy successor to Michael Schumacher and not as a one-team (Austrian) wonder. Its just a shame that the Germans wont get to see a GP on their home-soil due to Hockenheim being cancelled.

I was dreading in the season opening race that this season would be a straight one way win for Mercedes AMG and a driver championship concluded as early as September. As much as I am a Mercedes AMG fan, seeing Ferrari back to the top made me rejoice. We now finally have a stunning F1 season upon us. It is what the sport needs at the moment.

I wanted to take this opportunity to point out certain opinions I have concerning what goes behind the scenes in Formula 1. At the moment there is too many issues within the paddock with for example Red Bull in a crisis with Renault, Renault wanting more media exposure, the Sauber judicial drama, financial stress for small and medium teams are facing, etc. I know that drama and gossip is what generally the public wants to know but at the same time this is destroying the sport.

The sport must open itself up more towards the public, embrace social media, the fan want to feel as if he or she is alongside the driver and the team throughout the whole weekend. An F1 pilot is an icon, one that inspires others, inspires that in life when you have a dream you have to pursue it no matter the obstacles that you come across. I remember when in elementary school, my friends and I we wanted to all become F1 drivers, live the good life as we would say. Fans when they watch F1 is to yes entertain themselves but it is also a way to forget the daily issues and embrace these heroes. The next evolution for F1 is to place the F1 Fan within the heart of the action, where we will be able to feel his heart-rate when he is taking a 3G corner or breaking from 340 km/h to 60 km/h as we will see this weekend in Shanghai! That is the F1 must strive towards to be.

Overall, Malaysia was such an entertaining race from a fan perspective compared to Australia which was straight to the point boring (except for the Giedo Van der Garde vs. Sauber drama). I look forward to this week’s GP!



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