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#6 Bahrain Preview

I am absolutely excited about this weekend Grand Prix! Last year it gave us one of the best race of the 2014 season. It’s the first night race of the season, therefore expect a lot of sparks from the car’s titanium skid plates. I love driving on this circuit, having played the F1 game on Xbox, the 5.4 km length of the Bahrain circuit is an absolute pleasure to drive on.

It’s a circuit which provides numerous challenges for the driver especially with an abrasive surface, numerous elevation changes, the only turn (turn 10) of the season where the driver has to break and turn at the same time resulting in numerous lock-ups, last but not least they must deal with a surface where sand is blown onto the circuit making the cars unstable.

Weather: Strong Winds for Qualifying on Saturday, blowing a lot of sand onto the track might give us some standing surprises. For Sunday Good weather is expected.

Things to watch out for:

1. Tyre Strategy: This weekend Pirelli tyres will be Medium and Soft. Rear Tyre degradation is High due to abrasive asphalt. 80 % of the time in Bahrain is spent in cornering, while 59% of the time is full throttle. Advantage for Ferrari?

2. Race Strategy: Last year the winning strategy from Lewis Hamilton, was a two stop race with a tyre combination of Soft, Soft, Medium.

2.1 Considering that there is a 15% chance of Safety Car.

2.2 High Fuel usage with 1.8 kg consumed per lap. 2015 regulation, states that every F1 cars are limited with 100 kg of Fuel / race. Bahrain GP wont be done flat out with 57 laps, fuel saving will be crucial.

2.3 Pit Stop time gap to retain place is 24 sec.

2.4 My view this year’s winning strategy will be Soft, Med (Pit at Lap 17-20), Soft (Pit at lap 39-42).

3. Red Bull’s Brake issues since AUS hasn’t been solved, Bahrain is one of the toughest track of the year on brakes. Expect them to struggle once again and be beaten by their little sister-team Toro Rosso.

4. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton tension, will it result in a spectacular fight on track, will there be a repeat of SPA 2014 ?

5. Nico Rosberg took Pole in 2013 & 2014, can he make it a hat-trick?

6. Ferrari have won 4 times in Bahrain since the circuit debut in 2004. Can they make it 5?

Weekend Predictions

Bwin Betting odds for Saturday: Bwin Betting odds for Sunday:

  1. L. Hamilton 1.35 1. L.Hamilton 1.35

  2. N. Rosberg 2.50 2. N. Rosberg 3.00

  3. S. Vettel 10.00 3. S. Vettel 5.00

  4. K. Raikkonen 18.00 4. K. Raikkonen 10.00

My predictions for the weekend:

  • Pole: Nico Rosberg / Kimi Raikkonen

  • GP Winner: Kimi Raikkonen

Enjoy this F1 weekend,


(Credit to Formula1.com for the picture and video)

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