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A chilly Hola from Mexico! We are currently at 2'200 metres above sea level, the sun is out but the good thing the Hot Tea is warming us up with 12°C in the early mornings.

Before we attack our on blog on this weekend's Grand Prix, I think it is essential to discuss last weekend US Grand Prix. Especially the Max Verstappen scandal. I call it a scandal, because it is the second time Max finds himself on the podium only to be demoted minutes away from picking up his trophy. Coincidently, it is always the same steward.

Now I understand that there are rules, as well as the role of the stewart in regulating all of this. From a fan's perspective where I have a very hard time understanding, is that throughout the weekend, numerous drivers were cutting this exact corner to gain an advantage. A driver's mentality is to find this extra space that will allow to gain the thousand of a second to make a difference, what Max did in the final laps of the US Grand Prix, was spectacular. When the penalty emerged, Alex Wurz (one of the ORG commentators) immediately said "Das ist Bullshit", no need to translate it, because just the last word resumes ideally the situation.

Apply penalties, after the race, when the driver had at least the opportunity to defend his point of view. FIA is a dictatorship that sometimes the acronym that stands for "Ferrari International Assistance" is not far from the truth.

F1 is trying to implement the US market, how can a rookie fan understand minutes before the podium celebration that Max has been penalized, especially after been blown away by the fight between Kimi and Max. In my honest opinion, the FIA need to take a step back and by doing so will allow for greater spectacle. Already the Halo introduction for next year, is another scandal that does not need to happen. The design is flawed (it is the first time the FIA introduces design specification to promote safety and end up making the ugliest cars ever) and diminishes the perception of the driver as ruthless warriors braving the unknown to fight for the survival of the fittest. The sooner the FIA understand this, the better for everyone.

The Grand Prix Weekend

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is the second shortest circuit of the season and only the third time Formula 1 races here in the 21st century. Are we going to see a new F1 speed record of 370 km/h or more? Difficult to say, but one thing is for sure, its going to go very fast this weekend.

Funny hashtag for the weekend with #F1esta, goes very well with the scenery, as Lewis only needs to finish in the top 5 to be celebrate his fourth world title. Is it going to happen? There is a very strong possibility, yes.

Weather is expected to be sunny with chilly temperatures in the morning and 20's in the afternoon.

Pirelli Tyres, brought the same tyre specifications, as last week in the US. Therefore, a combination of 1 to 2 stop strategy is in order.

Following on this, the altitude plays a crucial role in the set up of the car and drivers need more time to warm up their tyres and especially the low oxygen make putting heat in the brakes much more difficult. Therefore, brace yourself to see numerous spins due to that.

Prophecy for the Mexican Grand Prix

GP Winner: Sebastian Vettel, colleagues in the media & social media and myself think this is the last best chance for Ferrari to dominate as they did on low downforce circuits as it was the case in Monaco and Hungary. Therefore, I will go with the flow on this one and make a Ferrari predication.

Pole Position: Sebastian Vettel

Joker: Sergio Perez, home-boy and received a free-to-race card in case him and Esteban Ocon are fighting for position, Force India has indicated that it will not use team orders. Esteban Ocon, better drive safely, because he doesn't want the whole of Mexico hunting him down, especially that he increased his security especially for this venue after receiving death threats.

Safety Car: Yes

Pit Stop: Williams

That is your lot from me, enjoy the Mexican GP and don't forget that you can chat with me all weekend long via this website.

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