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Cost + Medication Info

Hello Everyone,

We are fast approaching the 60-days until the start of the adventure. I hope that everyone is almost Kili-ready for the amazing 48km we will be trekking very soon. I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss a few points that will smooth out the organization of this trip.


There won't be anymore bank transfers, from now on everything will be paid in CASH on the 26th of december in Moshi.

I will send you via WhatsApp exactly how much each one of you will have to pay.

There are two additional cost to consider:

1) $50 for the entry Visa, paid upon landing.

2) Is an optional cost of $150 that could be added to the total bill, this is whether or not you would want us to have our own personal toilet (a tent that is set up at each campsite with a portable toilet that can only be used by us 6). Please send me a message if you accept this extra cost or not, as we are a democracy if we have more than 3 votes in favor then we will take it and if its a tie then I will be the deciding factor (long live democracy).

Equally, at the end of the adventure there is a tradition to tip the people that helped us achieve our climb. I do not have the exact numbers yet, but please be aware that below are the rates we will have to take into account when tipping:

-Tip Guide: $25/day/guide (there might be a second guide, the total amount will be divided by us 6)

-Tip Chef: $15/day (there will be only one chef, the total amount will be divided by us 6)

-Tip Porter: $10/day/porter (We will have between 2-3 porter each)

In any case, beginning of December I will send you a final total bill price to remind you all how much money you will need to take with you. Please bear in mind that this is Africa, hence CASH is king and even more royal is the US Dollar $$$. Paying with Credit Cards is futile and can often result in you enriching a Nigerian Prince that hacked your cards.


We often forget that in certain places on Earth we are still prone to certain diseases. This is why if you have any doubts of whatsoever I highly recommend you set an appointment with your doctor before we leave to Tanzania.

1) Please be aware that in Tanzania, Malaria is still a daily problem. The risk of getting Malaria is mostly when we will be in low altitudes such as in Moshi and for those going to Zanzibar, in altitude above 1'800m there aren't any mosquito's. To prevent you from getting Malaria, pills exist (Malaron), ask your doctor for more info.

2) Regarding the Yellow Fever, Tanzania does not require us to be vaccinated for that. However you can always check with your Doctor if you are up to date with other basic vaccinations.

3) To combat Altitude sickness, there are some medication that are recommended: Diamox and Decadron. This is optional and the decision to take these medication has to be decided 48h prior to the start of the climb and taken daily until we reach the summit.

4) Don't hesitate to take any other basic medication (ibuprofen, immodium, Vit C, Magnesium, Calcium, etc)

Voila, these were the two major point I wanted to bring forth. As always, if any one of you has a question do not hesitate to address it in the WhatsApp group or to me privately.

Continue to train and push hard, i've been told the view on the summit is incredible ;)


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